Chinese think-tank proposes a “historical account” in upcoming climate pact

From Chris Buckley of

The Beijing think tank’s plan seeks a solution to the divide between developed nations, with high per capita accumulations of greenhouse gas emissions, and developing nations, including China, with low levels of per capita emissions that are set to rise in coming decades.

I think the think tank has a very legitimate point here, countries like the United States have already gone through the whole process of becoming a developed nation with a modern economy. China can’t be expected to adhere to the same type of rigorous carbon caps the United States will be looking to implement at Copenhagen. That’s a heavy yoke on a young economy, one that could very well cripple development.

On the other hand, countries going through “development” is essentially why we are in this bind in the first place. If China is already close to passing the United States in carbon emissions with a rate of 4 tons per capita compared to our 20, what kind of impact will a higher Chinese rate have on the atmosphere?

China needs to take a deadly serious look at its environmental policies as quickly as possible, because they have more than CO2 emissions to worry about. No doubt, their economic potential is incredible, but if development is allowed to run rampant without proper infrastructure and environmental concern….things could get really bad.



~ by ethmgallagher on March 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Chinese think-tank proposes a “historical account” in upcoming climate pact”

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