“The Green Road to Prosperity”

John Doerr has an excellent piece up at Scientific American right now called “The Green Road to Prosperity”. In it, he tackles economic issues as they relate to the climate and energy obstacles our country currently faces. His solution? Investing in ‘green entrepreneurs’ and passing bold new government policies.


America is confronting three interrelated crises: an economic crisis, a climate crisis and an energy security crisis. The country’s best response to all three is a bold, coor­dinated campaign of investment and incentives to accelerate green innovation. Doing so will ensure that the U.S. becomes the worldwide winner in the next great global industry: green technologies.

Let me be blunt: we have not been doing enough. We must act now, with speed and scale. On speed, scientists say the next three to five years will determine our chances to avoid catastrophic, irreversible climate change. On scale, science says we must cut global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to less than half of today’s levels.


~ by ethmgallagher on March 26, 2009.

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