EPA, Mountaintop Removal, cont.

Firstly, here’s a more detailed source than the local news article from the last post.

“It just absolutely puzzles me as to why the same federal government that’s trying to straighten the economy out wants to dismantle the economy of another state, particularly as it relates to the workers at these sites,” said West Virginia Coal Association President Bill Raney. West Virginia is the nation’s second-largest coal producing state behind Wyoming.

Well shit Bill, I cain’t figure it neither. It just don’t make no sense.

Maybe it’s the massive resource of both terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity that is getting destroyed? Or could it be that some of the most beautiful scenery in the state is getting blasted until it resembles the surface of the fucking moon? Or perhaps its the huge ponds of toxic coal sludge that get built near water sources and human populations?

But seriously Bill, what I want to know is how MTR mining benefits local coal miners when the alternative methods are less-mechanized and require more workers? Of course you don’t give a shit about those miners, or the environment, or the economy. I wish just once one of you cretins be honest and say ” I don’t give a fuck. I’m doing this until I can’t get any more money out of it or the government stops me.” I’d still hate you, but maybe you wouldn’t be so disgusting anymore.


~ by ethmgallagher on March 27, 2009.

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