Faux Paux of a Psychotic Young Vagabond

” now you have the lamentable look
of a young man down on his luck
under the weather, and no one to fuck
the kind a decent fellow would dust off and pick up
give a stiff drink and help pull from the rut ”

oh, gracious gentleman
stiff brimmed, and ran
for mayor, sent the mailman
to deliver demands to sultans

I’ll advise you get low
prepare for the carnival show
you’re about to painfully know
how I bang horrorshow

go on, call your sirens stat,
they won’t be walking back
I break knees with pine bats,
plant men under soil and slats
take strolls between poor-shot caps

but before your call to the constable
imagine your children discarded in holes,
coiled and bloated in rotting repose
you gibber and sob, snot runs from your nose
would I really? I guess only one man knows…

you say I posses a demon’s mind?
that’s just too far, you’ve crossed the line
no rational man would say the blame is mine that I’m

usually more than a little bit too stoned
that I wander dark streets, watching your home
that PCP lines every crack in my black lips
and crystal meth shrunk my brain and hips
that father strangled mother in front of her kids
or that we were all actually quite glad to be rid
of that horrible bitch who looked like a pig

Oh! there I go again, rambling on about my macabre mind
psychological pollution that’s not confined, just an old habit of mine
perhaps you would agree I get a little crazy at times?
all these human values just seem to slip my mind…

you know, my family has a history of heart attacks
perhaps I should just breathe deep and try to relax?
now that I think about it, you’re a genuine class act
I have no idea why I wanted to give you the axe

you simply must allow me to make amends, to remove all doubt
no, please. I insist you slide my gun barrel from your mouth
how rude of me to do that, why I’m nothing but a lout
after I help you untie your family, I’ll just show myself out

and that threat that I made about raping your wife
if we could just forget it even happened, that would be nice

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~ by ethmgallagher on April 14, 2009.

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