One-Eyed God

hold songs brought on
by mind expansion
my mental stance on
less light, no camera, more action
has no small fraction of passion

see this bastion of a backdrop
I stacked to slake slackoff,
the draft off the back of

my metal mental machine
striped with spite
fueled with spiked gasoline

the only path to pride
is a slight sight
a sliver of light
just enough for the wise to surmise
the size of the lies in your god’s eyes

I fill lines with no images, just sighs
that grow out my throat throughout
long days that throw out
my uncast concerns for the prize

you can’t hear or believe
the still breeze
beneath syllables I breathe

torn out
there’s no bottom to my warshout
so I pour out wrath to temper clout
and prepare to purge all doubt

meld the molded god into your mind:
gathering dark, slathering bark
with salted poetic tears
he kneels at the part
between closed eyes and nightmares
under world tree, under fate’s stare
gnarled hands clasping there
where black soil lies under moon’s glare

softspoken god, he summons to me
speaking of secrets
he brings old, alien,
forgotten and rotten things
belonging not to man, beast or words

old wise god, he walks with me
over hilltops crusted with solipsist sunset
no sleep, nor lies
in places where truth flies

those who wish to walk with him
must only remember:
Your world also bleeds when cut
and often beauty wields the blade

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~ by ethmgallagher on April 14, 2009.

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