Surrounding yourself with imagery

It has long been said that the seeker should surround himself with things that remind him of his goal. Every time he looks about himself he should see the trappings of his work to remind him of his chosen path, and if he can attach ideas and emotions to these objects this reinforcing effect will be greater still.

One easy and effective way I’ve found to do this is by rasturbating relevant imagery and tacking it onto my bedroom wall. If you haven’t heard of rasturbation before, it is essentially a digital imaging technique that breaks up an image into tiny dots. The effect is quite striking on certain types of images. The product image can be scaled to any size, printed out on multiple sheets of paper and hung up on a wall. All of this can be done online for free here.

As an example, I have a rasturbated version of the Golden Dawn Rosucruician Cross that turned out very well, in fact even people who have no idea what it is will often stare at it for some time if they are in my room.


~ by ethmgallagher on June 19, 2009.

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