Thelemic and esoteric resources

I’ve decided to compile several of the best resources I’ve found online for those interested in the occult, Thelema etc.

Journal of Thelemic Studies
A fledgling journal containing articles on Thelema and the occult in general. There is also a discussion forum filled with interesting and valuable discourse.

The Hermetic Library
Free online resource for texts pertaining to Hermetic philosophy, including most of the Libri of Aleister Crowley. Austin Osman Spare, Benjamin Rowe and numerous other scholars are also represented.

Internet Sacred Texts Archive
Free online texts from a large variety of religious traditions, including Thelema, chaos magic, general hermetic philosophy and eastern traditions.

Occult Underground
An absolutely massive online library, free online texts from a variety of lesser encountered scholars including Eliphas Levi, DIon Fortune, Frater Achad and Franz Bardon.

…more to come


~ by ethmgallagher on June 19, 2009.

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