Mindfucks and Memory

Imagine an object in your room. If you lacked the capacity to forget, every time you looked at that object you would receive an impression, which would then be permanently stored. These impressions would soon form a series, like:


Since things in your environment change, and your mind automatically calls up previous impressions of something when you receive a new one, your mind would become filled with a very long series of pristine impressions every time you looked at the object in question, each necessarily different in content than the others. This difference in objects doesn’t have to be anything other than barely perceptible to begin to distort your consciousness. Perhaps the object is in a slightly different position, or a different place, or the light casts a strange shadow on it, or it begins to rust etc.

What’s more, since you lack the capacity to forget in any way, every impression would be equal to every other. There would be no loss of quality in any individual impression, in fact there would be no way to differentiate between impressions at all, except your sense of being in the present. (But if you are recalling thousands of perfect impressions in the present moment at the same time you file a new one, how much is this really going to help you?)

In a short matter of time this series of constantly growing undifferentiated impressions, which are irrevocably and necessarily linked to one another, would begin to mesh with the object itself insofar as your conceptual understanding is concerned.

Too many different impressions would be recalled perfectly under one idea, the lines of what defines said object would begin to blur. That is to say, when you looked at the object in question, instead of an object, you would just perceive a “point” on a line line which stretches to infinity (the continuity of all your accumulated impressions). Whereupon the mind reels in an attempt to hold onto its sense of reality, but inevitably will only see a constant state of becoming in the ‘object’.

Now, how many objects do you have in your room, house, yard etc. etc. ? How much of this do you really think a human mind could take? This analysis is on a pretty basic level, if you start thinking about how different objects are related to each other cognitively (what fires together wires together), or what would happen if you looked in the mirror or did some drugs, it gets even more interesting.

This process would be like taking a sledgehammer to the glass house of your conceptual framework, or Shiva skull-fucking you to death (As Odin stands close by and laughs…)


~ by ethmgallagher on August 19, 2009.

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