Thoughts before bed, 10/6

There is a moment which lies at the foothills of action, a brief interlude which–like a shape in the corner of your eye–flees when you turn to face it directly. Only the fates can tell of the great multitudes who have smashed the hulls of their greatest intentions on this elusive shore.

Here man finds himself set against that most worthy of all combatants: his own inertia and hesitation. Faced with the negative reflection of his own self; an entity as cold as the darkest space when his soul throws off flame like a sun and vacuous when the fountain of his life overflows onto the marble beneath. Two equal and diametrically opposed forces can only cancel each other out, negating their respective potentials.

Only by himself of his own darkness and cold can such a man rise above the spectre of his own death with great bouyancy. Only by consumption and digestion of his own fear may he hope to tip the scales.


~ by ethmgallagher on October 7, 2009.

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