Was it man or monster that moved in your bones
that placed you upon your iron throne
that grasped the reigns of majestic Rome
and held within a heart of stone

tyrant – genius – god and actor
dieing with smile and eerie laughter
an exit applauded by all those fools who
called themselves friends and thought they knew

what stirred behind those placid eyes
what terrible will dwelt deep inside
to shape world and defy the sky
to master the art of man and his lie?

a mask of plaster is brittle and breaks
but a mask of flesh is forever a face
and though beautiful it is never opaque
but may only reflect the soul encased

man, monster, beast and god
a nature blurred and a path singly trod
such words are but molds to rigid to hold
forces of fierce heat and inhuman cold


~ by ethmgallagher on April 19, 2010.

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