The Dark Night of the Soul

Magic of the Ordinary posted a great piece on what is often called “the dark night of the soul”, an unavoidable and perilous period in any seeker’s spiritual development. The piece is titled To reach the dark once more and I highly recommend it, though it does seem a tad bit too Judeo-Christian oriented for me to actually rave about.


There comes at least one occasion in everyone’s spiritual unfoldment when the darkness arises, the moon ceases to shine and the stars fail one by one. It seems we are cut off or even expelled from all our sources of grace, wisdom and beauty and there is nothing to stop the process. On a different arc, psychologically we accept and make terms with our Shadow, where there be buried as much gold as dragons. There are many names and terms for this process; confronting the Dweller on the Threshold, entering the Dark Woodland etc. But hey, when in the dark wood finding a name is the least of our concerns



~ by ethmgallagher on April 20, 2010.

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